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Anonymous asked:

In the deadly device, the Hardy boys mention being on a submarine, and in the shattered medallion cover art, there's a submarine in the corner. Do you think the two are related?

That’s a pretty cool theory! I don’t recall any mention of their location during GTH or SPY, so I think it’s totally possible!

MED Cover Art Analysis

Here it is! Our lovely cover art!

Now, naturally, the first thing one would notice is

Sonny. Freaking. Joon
It’s Sonny
and he’s kinda hot

I don’t know about yall, but, i kinda love this interpretation of Sonny.

Anyways, another thing is

Many of us expected for Bess to end up going along on the trip instead of George. This shot seems to prove it, but then there’s this:

I’m not 100% sure it’s George, but this character has her hair and her general color scheme. And she’s hanging off a bridge. Great. Maybe we’ll get to play as Bess, George, and Nancy? Or what if it was just Bess and George? It does kinda look like George next to Bess in that second shot.

We also have this submarine thing. It should be interesting to see how it comes into play. If we get to go under the sea, we’ll probably be seeing some amazing, colorful graphics.

Next, we’ve got the other teams

It looks like HeR has made a ton of characters for this game. This should be interesting

And finally we have this pair:

These two are standing opposite of Nancy(??) and Bess. The guy we can see is a blonde and the other one is holding out his little map. They definitely have Hardy potential in my opinion.

And that’s all I’ve got for ya. Feel free to add more to this!

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