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I got broken up with today and am sad so someone please make me happy I would appreciate it


morgan’s playbill giveaway!!

although this is a wonderful problem to have, because I am lucky enough to live in new york city, I’ve accumulated too many playbills. since I have a few duplicates, I thought that I could take this opportunity before I head off to college to clear some of the out!


a gentleman’s guide to love & murder pridebills

heathers the musical playbill (july 2014)

les mis playbills (april 2014)

annie playbills (november 2013)

twelfe night/richard iii playbill (january 2014)


1. you don’t have to be following me (although if you’re reblogging this, we probably have similar interests!).

2. you can reblog as many times as you want.

3. no giveaway blogs.

4. likes do not count.

5. I am willing to ship around the world, but if you live somewhere other than the u.s. or canada and shipping is pricey, I may ask you to chip in!

6. once you win, I will message you, and you’ll have 24 hours to respond. you’ll win 2 playbills - I’ll pick one, and you’ll pick the other.

7. the giveaway ends august 20th, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.

good luck!




Also imagine how Waverly told Paige her floor assignment when she became a RA

"Congrats Paige, you’re going to be the Resident Advisor for the valedictorian candidate floor!"

"WOW, does that mean I’m a valedictorian candidate?"


"also your door is right next to the bathroom enjoy"

*hears Nancy talking to herself on the toilet at all hours*

But at least she has a fancy sign














not knowing what symbols you’ve found and haven’t found

when debbie gives you more chores

when you forget how to trigger an event uuughhghhhgh

when people send you chocolates but they were actually roaches

When you accidentally make Enrico go over the scopa rules again

When big island mike doesn’t like the shaved ice flavors you give him

When you need a new glowstick 

When you have to wait for the next hint to load.

RAN entirely

When you are spinning around in a circle and something is on fire, the game freezes and all you can do is FIREFIREFIREFIREFIRE NOOOOOO………

when your roomie bff tries to kill you

When you get a tattoo of an alien on your face and have to wear a mask to cover it up

the entirety of TOT

every last bit of it

When you’ve come out to have a good time but am honestly feeling so attacked right now
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